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People welcome 2023, by flocking to Fort Myers Beach


People are out at Fort Myers Beach celebrating the start of 2023, despite the persistent damage from Hurricane Ian.

Debris remaining in the Gulf is just one of the various remaining hazards at the beach. This is why the health department recommends people stay out of the water.

Notwithstanding this, visitors and locals have said and made it clear, Monday is a day to have fun in the sun.

Person riding a WaveRunner at Fort Myers Beach. CREDIT: WINK News

Christina Rudow and her daughter, Kyla, were visiting Fort Myers Beach from their home in Cape Coral Monday morning enjoying the weather.

“We are gonna find shells and make a sand castle in the sand,” Christina said.

While Michelle Rico, from Fort Myers, was also doing her best to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine.

“There’s a lot of people out here today so it’s nice the weather is nice,” Rico said.

And while there are plenty of people enjoying the sunshine, businesses are still working to get back up and running after the hurricane.

The food truck, Yo!Taco, opened up in mid-Dec., and luckily for them, the business has been doing great ever since.

Yo!Taco truck at Fort Myers Beach. CREDIT: WINK News

“You’re standing on where a restaurant used to be. So this is the imprint of our restaurant,” Tony Lavalle, the owner of Yo!Taco told WINK News.

“I didn’t really see anything to eat around here I did see a taco stand across the street going strong,” Rico said.

“People are just walking around like there’s nothing happened,” Lavalle said. “But you’ll walk by a big but you know, like I said they’re cleaning it up, really. I mean, for four months, I think they’re doing a pretty good job.”

Repairs made at Fort Myers Beach. CREDIT: WINK News

A common item on visitors’ wish lists for the beach is more bathrooms.

“Everybody would appreciate the town put a couple more restrooms out here. Maybe like porta potties? I don’t know. Because there aren’t really that many functioning,” Lavalle said.

Plenty of people weren’t sure what to expect at the beach and didn’t have much of a plan either. But, their beach day seems to be going very well. As an added bonus there is abundant parking near the beach, unlike before the storm.


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