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Public Works Director Michael Ilczyszyn chosen as interim Cape Coral city manager


Cape Coral’s public works director is stepping into the city manager position while City Council finds a permanent replacement.

They fired Rob Hernandez after nearly three years of service and he responded with accusations of discriminatory employment practices.

On Friday, the city council picked Michael Ilczyszyn to take over the job.

“We have appointed our public works director, Mr. Michael L. Ilczyszyn, as our interim city manager,” said Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter.

A city employee since 2002, Ilcyszyn has a long history in Cape Coral.

In 2015, the city named him assistant city manager but demoted him three years later.


The city had to investigate Ilczyszyn due to an affair with another city employee.

During this time, his former wife also brought to light a domestic violence complaint.

Ilczyszyn spent months on paid administrative leave.

Court records show he and his wife divorced in Nov. 2019.

I wanted to ask the mayor about Ilcyszyn but never got the chance.

“I have a prepared statement. I will read the prepared statement and I will not allow any questions. So the prepared statement will be my only statement here today,” Gunter said.

True to his word, Gunter answered no questions.

He spoke positively of Ilczyszyn and ignored his past problems.

“His experience and proven leadership over the last 20 years would ensure our city will not have a gap in leadership and will continue to move our city forward positively,” Gunter said.


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