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Remains found in North Fort Myers, possibly giving Fitch family closure


Travis Fitch’s family continues to look for closure more than a year after he went missing in North Fort Myers.

Earlier in December, remains were found close to the area Fitch went missing.

Kaitlyn, Travis’s sister, believes they belong to her brother. Kaitlyn said the sheriff’s office asked her for DNA samples.

Travis Fitch. CREDIT: Travis Fitch Facebook

The family’s mother submitted several samples, so all that can be done is wait for the results.

According to investigators, Travis was riding his bike on Slater Road before he disappeared.

“My mother and father were the last ones to see him,” Kaitlyn said.

The pain, anguish, and anxiety continue to haunt Kaitlyn, uninterrupted, every day since he vanished.

The area Travis Fitch was last seen in North Fort Myers. CREDIT: WINK News

Despite not being close over the years, Kaitlyn undoubtedly loved Travis.

“I don’t care what happened, I just want to put him to rest,” Kaitlyn said.

On Dec. 9, investigators found remains off Golden Road, just steps away from where Travis was last seen.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t made any announcement on the identification of the remains.

For Kaitlyn, it’s a glimmer of hope that she may finally put her brother to rest.

“This is the first possible link,” Kaitlyn said. “I know we won’t find out before Christmas but it gives me hope that it is him.”

While the family awaits the possibility of their long sought after closure, they ask anyone who may know anything about Travis’ disappearance to speak up.


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