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Renovations at Gulf Coast Humane Society benefitting animals


A revamped space for dogs and cats that are waiting for a new home. Volunteers helped the Gulf Coast Humane Society bounce back from Hurricane Ian’s damage and carried out planned renovations.

Like so many other places, Gulf Coast Humane Society took a hit from Hurricane Ian.

While Gary Willoughby, the executive director, admits the facility is luckier than most. The shelter staff is still dealing with damage.

“Part of our roof blew off, that’s still to be replaced, probably in the next month or two. We have a giant debris pile on the back waiting to be picked up,” Willoughby said.

Two people working on the renovations. CREDIT: Gulf Coast Humane Society

“We can do business as normal. But it’s, again, it’s not the prettiest time to come visit,” Willoughby said.

When a truckload of volunteers from Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild arrived to help remodel the shelter’s canine cove. Gulf Coast Humane Society couldn’t have been more grateful for their help.

“It was ready for, obviously, a makeover,” Willoughby said.

Gulf Coast Humane Society. CREDIT: WINK News

The same group reworked the lobby and cat rooms a couple of months before the storm.

“They came out here and renovated the entire place. And just about ten days, it was amazing,” Willoughby said.

Willoughby explained the updated spaces play an invaluable role in helping to place animals in new forever homes.

Part of the renovations. CREDIT: Gulf Coast Humane Society

“Some of them when they’re when they’re stressed, stressed out here, they don’t show very well,” Willoughby said.

“We try to do whatever we can to make it as the least amount of stress for them while they’re waiting,” Willoughby said.

That’s because who can turn down adopting a smiling dog or a smiling cat?

Gulf Coast Humane Society said it’s housing more animals than usual because families are surrendering their pets because of the hurricane.

Click here if you’re interested in adopting or fostering an animal.


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