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Road rage knockout in Cape Coral leads to arrest


A road rage incident left a man in the hospital after getting punched in the face, knocked unconscious, and then driven over by a car.

The Cape Coral Police Department said Dylan Sarwar attacked another driver at the Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and Country Club Boulevard intersection in December.

A man, who wanted to remain anonymous, called WINK News for answers due to what he saw at the intersection on Dec. 17 was just too violent to make any sense.

According to Cape Coral police, after a near collision between Sarwar’s car and another vehicle and a heated exchange between him and its occupants, he knocked the passenger unconscious and then ran them over.

The victim was taken to Gulf Coast Medical Center with sustained injuries and fractures to their head and ribs.

As of Dec. 21, they were still intubated and couldn’t speak. Police aid Sarwar fled the scene, but witnesses got video and the license plate of the car he was driving.

Sarwar was arrested on Dec. 20; the witness WINK News spoke with was so horrified he didn’t want to be identified.

“The guy beats the **** out of this guy, slams him to the ground. And he’s just laying there lifeless. You can see the blood coming out of his face. And the guy that had beat him up got back into his vehicle and drives right over the top of the guy he beat up. Bad scene,” the witness said.

Sarwar is being charged with battery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Sarwar is currently in the Lee County Jail.

For the time being, there is no word on how the victim is doing.


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