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Shots fired at a car with a child inside in Fort Myers


A car with a child inside gets shot up near the intersection of Polk Street and Seminole Avenue in Fort Myers on Thursday afternoon.

The victim’s car was towed away from the Cypress Court apartments.

The victim’s car getting towed away. CREDIT: WINK News

The man driving it got shot but was able to drive it to the apartments before someone else anonymously called 911.

“This is how Fort Myers is to me. As long as I’ve been down here, it’s just kind of been like this. It either hits home or it’s close to you,” a woman, that wants to be anonymous, who lives in the apartment complex said.

The woman said she is numb to this sort of violence and chaos.

“It’s a concern for any parent. You know, you worry about your kids. You love them. You worry about yourself, your well being. All this… this always happens. And it’s just like, you kind of get numb to it. You get used to it. You just… my kids don’t come outside,” she said.

She explained there are too many shootings in the neighborhood which robs kids of their normal childhood.

Officers at the crime scene. CREDIT: WINK News

“They (local kids) know what to do. That’s the sad part. They know what to do when they hear that. They got to run for cover,” she said.

Nobody has been arrested and Fort Myers police have not shared any information about who they may be searching for.

At last check, the victim was still in the hospital recovering.

If you know anything about the shooting, Fort Myers police are asking you to call them or Crimestoppers where you can remain anonymous.

According to Fort Myers police, this shooting is not connected to the Veronica Shoemaker Blvd shooting that also occurred on Thursday.


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