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Snowbird season traffic issues in Cape Coral


People in Cape Coral told WINK News they are seeing packed roads and aggressive drivers almost every day.

People are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the increased traffic in Southwest Florida’s largest city.

Cape Coral resident Stephanie Newkirk told WINK News the traffic spike is right on schedule.

“It’s that time of year. I’ve been living in Florida for 27 years. It’s the wintertime,” Newkirk said.

Wintertime is just another way of saying that season, and therefore snowbirds, are in full force in Southwest Florida. Snowbirds add to the number of cars on the road and clog up the streets.

“A lot of people get lost when they’re here. You know they’re looking around got their GPS on tell them to do this,” Cape Coral resident, Colleen Monfort, said.

Teri Cross is visiting from Toledo for the month she comes to Southwest Florida enough to know what this time of year will bring. Although, the aggressive driving is a bit abnormal Cross noted.

“All of a sudden I’ve seen them literally cut off multiple cars and I’m hitting my brakes waiting for the crash to happen. And somehow or another, they don’t hit. Just by the grace of God, I guess,” Cross said.

That’s why drivers WINK News spoke with on Monday have their guard up and a plan when they get behind the wheel.

“I don’t let it bother me too much. I just try to take my time and don’t rush,” Monfort said.

“Give yourself extra time. And remember just be kind to each other. Don’t be aggressive,” Cross said.

“I pay attention to what everybody else is doing and they don’t like my driving then they can go around me,” Newkirk said.

Speeding, sudden lane changes, and tailgating were just some of the things people noticed on the road. Some even said traffic is just how things are on Monday.


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