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Trio wanted for vehicle burglary at a Marco Island Publix


The Marco Island Police Department is asking for help identifying three people who worked together to steal from a woman at a Marco Island Publix.

Police say a Hispanic man wearing a mask approached an older woman as she was putting groceries in her car. They say the man distracted the victim by pointing out ketchup smeared on her bumper.

While the victim was distracted, a second Hispanic man approached the victim’s car. Police say he opened a door on the opposite side of the vehicle from where the victim was and stole the victim’s wallet.

Police say a Hispanic woman was also nearby and appeared to be working as a lookout. They say the three suspects left together after the theft. The victim was unaware she had been robbed until she returned home.

If you have any information about the people pictured above or know who the suspects might be, you are asked to Call the Marco Island Police Department at 239-389-5050. Police only provided photos of two of the suspects.

You can also send a tip anonymously to Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-780-TIPS.


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