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Wild hogs causing problems in Paseo


Paseo has a pig problem causing some people are spending thousands of dollars on materials to keep them away, some call the news, and some are putting motion sensors in their front yards that make loud noises, but even that doesn’t seem to work all the time because the pigs are smart enough to know it’s just noise.

“They’re destroying everyone’s lawns, gardens, plants,” Marjorie Kirraine, a Paseo resident, said.

Wild hogs are swooping into people’s yards and tearing them up.

Damaged ground from pigs in Paseo. CREDIT: WINK News

Bill Kirraine looks at the terrain with disdain and disgust.

They gotta kill ’em. They gotta get rid of them,” Kirraine said.

But, Paseo is right near the Six-Mil Cypress slough, which has similar features to a swamp.

Therefore, during the dry seasons, hogs will move to get better access to sources of food.

Wild hogs are loose in Paseo. CREDIT: WINK News

Frank planted motion detectors around his lawn so that when the machine senses movement from a pig or anything else for that matter, the sounds begin to blare.

“It works until the pigs get smart enough to know it’s not gonna hurt ’em,” Frank said.

FWC told WINK News wild hogs may be trapped and hunted year-round with landowner permission.

But the problem is the City of Fort Myers has jurisdiction over the land at Paseo, so having guns on city property isn’t exactly okay.


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